SIMPOTS Y25CM Gray Round Flowerpot Stylish Home Gardening Essential


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Brand name: SIMPOTS

Brand Story:

Flower pots are the most important and most consumed item in gardening life, which makes us think about its sustainability and environmental significance. We have been searching for the perfect balance between home gardening and the natural environment, until we discovered the excellent stone technology, which can be perfectly recycled into the production process of the planter, this discovery is so significant, from now on, the planter has become lightweight, strong and beautiful, whether it is indoors or outdoors, no matter the hot sun or cold, SIMPOTS can be in your favourite gardening life! SIMPOTS will always look as good as they did in your favourite gardening life, day after day. The investment costs for gardeners are reduced and nature is not subjected to any more environmental stress.

Commodity features:


–the container has a wall thickness of not less than 0.5cm, effectively preventing damage from daily drops.

Easy to care for

–scratches and stubborn stains can be easily restored with sandpaper.

Protect plants

–excellent insulation and cold resistance can effectively protect the healthy growth of plant roots.

Designer Message:

Compared with this seriesMiniThe Flowerpot size of the series is larger, which is to facilitate us to plant larger plants for use, and as the size increases,SIMPOTSThe advantage of flowerpot is becoming more and more obvious. It is not only as strong as ever, but also very light. Even the largest model, the elderly and the ladies can move easily. Of course, even if you keep it outdoors, you don’t have to worry about it being damaged at all, even if the color can be maintained for a long time. We have prepared more models for you, includingY20CM,Y25CM,Y30CM,Y35CM,Y40CM,Y50CMAndY60CM.

Special Note:

1, the default container is closed at the bottom of the non-porous state, you can directly set pots to use;

2, if there is a need to open the hole, please be sure to note this requirement when ordering, otherwise it will be shipped by default without holes.

Natural stone

Using nature’s sustainable and renewable resources is the best solution, so we find stones from nature, which when made into a very fine powder using a special process and reshaped, we get a sturdy, long-lasting plant container!

Marine Litter

Simply using stone could not make the plant container more flexible, we needed to find another material to integrate with the stone, based on the premise of environmental protection, we found the PP material extracted from marine waste, which not only reduces the waste of natural resources, but also effectively relieves the pressure of the ocean. Nature is obviously much more generous, and when we mix these two materials together, a miracle happens. The planters made from this material are not only strong and flexible, but also very lightweight. It is simply a gift.

Prevents freezing and cracking

The inclusion of PP material allows the container to maintain the toughness of the pot even in extremely low outdoor temperatures, preventing the pot from freezing and cracking due to low temperatures.

Withstand the heat

The natural thermal conductivity of the stone allows the pots to effectively disperse heat even in hot environments, thus protecting the roots of the plants from damage.

Excellent textures

The surfaces of all SIMPOTS containers are polished by craftsmen by hand thousands of times (with the exception of the marbled containers), so that when we touch the surface of the pots we get a very soft feeling. For this reason, when our planters have minor scratches or stains on the surface, they can also be polished to restore them to their original condition.

Additional information


White, Black, Dark Grey, Dark Khaki




Hand polished

Used With

Flower/Green Plant

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